Wordless Wednesday #14.3.11


 9 months and a few days of being my soulmate, my heartbeat, my prince charming and rempits language partner doesn't seem to be enough. Just in 9 months, we became closed and more comfortable. I never thought that you were this kind, you crossed the boarder of my expectation line sayang. But I accept all your flaws. Again I repeat, all of your flaws I do accept it. Never thought I'd be the one you choose to spend your life with. Seriously. And when it's time to let it go, I believe that it was never an easy thing.

You're too sweet, too caring, too kind, too perfect. Nothing less. Tell you what, I want to be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let me go like you did yesterday. I swear. You held me in your arms like so so tight and I truly felt so safe. I could feel my heart skipped a beat or two. Your pretty cute eyes stares into mine most all the time and I swear I couldn't breathe. I close your eyes with both of my hands aite, hehe. I have to tell you, not every relationship going to work out perfectly, even a long term relationship can lead the couple to a dead end okay. It's not the matter of who's right or wrong in that relationship. It's not the matter of trying to find their little weaknesses. The important is, the trust-ation. And I really hope that you could accept all my flaws like I always did.

You're the reason why I'm still holding on and never let go of the grasp. Yes, i love you too way much. And I will always pray to Allah, that we could last forever.
InsyaAllah, we will.

My Past. & My Future.

I'm "the new version" of Nabila.


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I will never give up on us, insyaAllah.