My One & Only.

As I'm writing this, you might actually know how grateful I am to have you by my side. Looking back through my "past" makes me realize how wonderful my life has changed now. I really believe that you're the greatest and bestest thing that ever happened in my life, I swear. You always have this ability to make me smile and there hasn't been a day that I stopped smiling and you always make things better even if my day is going bad. Example of, *I'm not in a good mood* "Sayang dah mandi? Nak I angkat kan ke? :B" "I love you so much princess!<3 mmmuah! *cium mulut, pipi, dahi princess*<3" "jom kahwin? mwehehe :B" even the little things like that can me make my smile again. I just love you for who you are, thanks for keep staying by my side. I'd like you to stay for a very very long time and I'm hoping you will never step back and leave me, never.

My Only Superman.
Sayang, you're the best. I swear. I'm not the type of senang-nak-handle. I'm the type of manusia-yang-paling-mengada-ngada-and-paling-susah-nak-handle, and I guess you've knew it since already 10 months you terikat dengan I kan. Meow. From the bottom of my heart, I love you more than I love marble cheese cake. Hehe. Okay you're so lucky. Pity cheese cake. Huh. Well ya, I tak nak hilang you. Sumpah tak nak. To be honest, I tak suka long-distance-relationship ni sebab at the first place I rasa kita tak akan lama macam ni sebab kita jauh. But you've showed me, our relationship are the greatest thing that I ever had. I tak nak hilang semua ni, I sayang all the memories from the first day kita ehem until now. I sayang every single day that we've spent. And the mostly, I sayang you. I really do. Each steps that I take brings me closer to the door of happiness. I've never felt this way before. I guess I have chosen the right door.

I'm hoping that we could last forever and I want to be a good wife for you in the future. Amin.

My Past.

I'm "the new version" of Nabila.


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I will never give up on us, insyaAllah.